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Utilities for printing profiling charts, performing color conversions, and printer test images.

Reviews of the latest monitor profiling hardware and software from ColorVision, GretagMacbeth, and Monaco.

Printer and Digital Camera color gamuts: See and compare the color ranges of printers and digital cameras in 3-D.

Digital Printer Profiles

We offer a database of freely available Icc printer profiles for digital labs world wide.  These include Fuji Frontier, Noritsu, Agfa D-Lab, LightJet, Durst, and Chromira printers among others.

You can use these profiles to get the best color fidelity from your digital prints.

Labs marked as using enhanced accuracy profiles use our highest accuracy profiles. The targets were generally submitted by the labs themselves. Labs without this designation used our basic profiling service (no longer available), and the targets were submitted by various photographers.

Custom Printer Profiles

Dry Creek Photo's custom printer profiling service...

... is suspended. We have a backlog of work to complete and are unable to take new orders for the time being. Our listings of photo lab profiles will remain on-line, and our profile subscription service customers can have their profiles updated as usual. Photo labs using our subcription service will also have their profiles updated on a regular basis.

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