Enhanced Accuracy Custom Profiles


The photo finishing lab you clicked on uses our enhanced accuracy custom profiles. These profiles are built using Dry Creek Photo's exclusive profiling targets. The targets give four times the resolution of the targets used for our basic profiling of Fuji Frontier and Noritsu digital mini-labs. There is no charge to download and use any of our profiles.

Our custom profiles extract the utmost in color performance from a printer – offering improved color accuracy and saturation range, and greatly increased shadow and highlight detail. Neutral colors are also more accurate with our enhanced profiles. Labs without the enhanced accuracy designation were profiled using our previously offered basic profiling service. Our enhanced targets contain almost as many color patches solely dedicated to making accurate gray scales as there were in the entire basic profiling target.

Labs offering our enhanced accuracy profiles are committed to producing the highest quality prints. These labs aim to provide digital photographers with true color managed printing solutions. Some of these labs update their profiles on a regular schedule. If the labs share this information with us, we give an "expiration date" for the profiles. Check back around that date for updated profiles. The date range information appears in Photoshop or other ICC compliant applications that use profiles.

We can make custom profiles for almost any RGB printer, and do so at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Our profiles are available for both photo lab printers and for individual photographers. We offer experience based on making thousands of Icc printer profiles, use the finest measurement equipment and software, and give a money back guarantee. Click here for more information on our custom profiles and how to order them.


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