ICC Profile Conversion Software

If you use Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, or other color managed software that does not support converting images to a printer profile, we have a utility for you. Best of all, it's free. Our ICC Profile Converter allows converting tiff format files to any valid ICC profile you have on your system. This allows converting your images to an ICC profile for a photo lab for use on their printer. The ICC Profile Converter tool supports all valid ICC profiles, both from labs listed in our online profile database as well as any other RGB or CMYK profile you use.

Profiles can optionally be embedded in the image for further review. This tool is only for the Windows platform.

A summary of the program is available in pdf format.

You can download the Profile Converter installation program here: ProfileConverterSetup.zip (1.6MB)

Latest version posted: June 16, 2005.

If you need standard test images for evaluating your profiles, links to several useful ones are here.



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