Test Chart Printer for Printer Profiling

This Windows application prints test charts for printer profiling. It is not useful for anything else. If you are unfamiliar with printer profiling, please do not use this utility!

Profiling a printer first requires printing a test chart or charts. All color management must be disabled in the printer, printer driver, and operating system for the charts to be useful. Otherwise, the raw state of the printer is unknown. In years past, this task was easily accomplished in Adobe Photoshop using the "no color management" option. Changes made by Apple to OS X forced color management to be on in most cases, preventing the traditional Photoshop no color management method from working properly. Not wanting to let Windows users off easily, Adobe removed the option to disable color management from all versions of Photoshop starting with CS5.

Adobe released their Adobe Color Printer Utility (ACPU) to address the needs of users needing to profile their printers. Unfortunately, the Windows version of Adobe's program shrinks images by approximately 4%. Depending on the chart layout, measurement instrument, and software used, the smaller print size from ACPU can reduce measurement accuracy or prevent measuring the chart entirely. Note that this problem is confined to the Windows version of ACPU; Mac users face no such issues.

Our tool addresses this limitation of ACPU, and prints profiling charts true to size. Color management must be disabled in the printer driver. If it is, no additional conversions are performed. If none of the above makes sense, this application is not for you!



  1. This is an "AS IS" utility. We make absolutely no guarantees as to the fidelity of output or whether it is suitable for your needs. NO SUPPORT is offered. Basic documentation is included, but requests for help will likely go unanswered.
  2. This utility is Windows only. If you use a Mac, print your charts using ACPU.
  3. Windows users of Photoshop CS4 and earlier versions are advised to print test charts using Photoshop's No Color Management option. This was removed in CS5, and the Adobe Color Print Utility was offered instead.
  4. We have performed extensive in-house testing of the results from our printing application compared to output from ACPU and other utilities on Epson, Canon, Dell, and HP printers and it was identical. Nonetheless, we make no guarantees that the output will be accurate in your environment.
  5. Our program runs under Windows 7 and above.

If the above has not scared you off the latest version of our utility can be downloaded here.


Version History:

0.3.61: August 17, 2017: Updated to run on Win 10 x64 machines that do not have full Visual Studio redistributables installed.

0.3.56: August 16, 2017: Executable and installer dual signed with SHA1 and SHA256 Authenticode certificates for compatibility with Windows 10. Executable implements ClickOnce Code Access Security for local intranet zone.

0.3.54: October 23, 2013: Shows error message if a non-image file is opened rather than crashing

0.3.21: October 10, 2013: Faster image previews

0.3.1: August 21, 2013: First public release


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